Epitome Integrated City

Why Epitome

In an increasingly urbanized world, cities are leading economic growth and job creation, by bringing people together and encouraging innovation. They reduce the distance between products and customers and map people to employment and Epitome is no exception. Today, cities across the globe are evaluated on their performance as a source of inspiration, productivity improvement, well-being support and their ability to attract individuals and institutions.

The Epitome Integrated City is everyone’s dream destination which provides the highest standard of living. Located on the busy Hyderabad – Vijayawada National Highway, and nestled between mountains, farmlands, and a sprawling 279-acre natural lake, Epitome Integrated City Phase 1, spread over 368 acres, is the largest development project approved by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).

Its location unmatched by any other, the Epitome Integrated City gives a huge advantage for investors as well as residents who want to make it their home. A stone’s throw away from Hyderabad Outer Ring Road and in the midst of the Regional Ring Road, Epitome Integrated City has the best connectivity to both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, with its immense potential to be a residential and business hub, the State Governments of Telangana is promoting it as the next IT/ITES destination. With the Andhra Pradesh Government’s efforts to develop Vijayawada as a global-hub, commercial activities are expected to gain momentum resulting in land development abutting the highway.

Epitome provides a realistic and scalable solution for a sustainable future, given the right mix of farsightedness, agility, resilience, and innovation with the resultant benefits lasting across occupancy and through to its end of life.

With the rapid pace of urbanization, Epitome Integrated City, is well positioned to meet the imminent demand for planned, sustainable housing, while also creating employment opportunities and decongesting larger, over-crowded cities. It aims to address issues related to urbanization and associated social, environmental, and economic issues in a holistic manner, while making the most of future opportunities.