“I have imagined Epitome Integrated City as the pinnacle of high living with world-class amenities, many of which have never been offered before. If you choose, to come with us, you will become a part of a landmark project which is set to re-define the future of holistic dwelling.

Today, with the rapid development of Hyderabad’s real estate sector across multiple corridors, the city is expanding and growing in all directions. East Hyderabad is no exception and is fast becoming a techno-commercial hub with a slew of development projects being planned on the busy Hyderabad – Vijayawada National Highway. We have realized the diversity of activities and investment opportunities, and it is with this clear focus that we are developing Epitome Integrated City as an aspirational destination in the most exciting growth corridor.

With over a decade-and-a-half experience in working on multiple realty projects, I understand the necessary professionalism, commitment, integrity, and knowledge required when dealing with projects of the size and stature of Epitome Integrated City.

Envisaged as a one-of-its-kind project, Epitome Integrated City will expand the boundaries of urban sprawl and prevent mushrooming of unplanned development by providing a holistic living environment. Focused on open areas with an emphasis on a sustainable living ecosystem, this model is the future of sustainable as well as opulent living. Metros and two-tier cities are likely to witness increased development in this sphere in the years to come. Investing in such projects may help you reap huge benefits in future.”

Jaipal Kantha

Managing Director & CEO, Epitome Projects.