The potential buyer can visualize their dream home through the displayed plot for each property. You can plan your dream home according to the size of the plot. Buyers will be able to view the plot layout to get a sense of what the final property will look like. Seeing the layout gives more clarity than looking at plans or incomplete buildings.

Epitome Integrated City is primed to satisfy the growing need for organized, sustainable housing. The second and third phase projects will be on the banks of a 279-acre natural lake with a well-developed lakefront. It will contribute to sustainable development, environmental improvement, and social infrastructure in the urban ecosystem.

Epitome Integrated City Phase 2 will be spread over 399 acres. It will consists of premium villa plots, mall, star hotel, school, college, commercial zones, parks, Ayurvedic healthcare centre, resort, clubhouse, and dedicated sports academy. Epitome Integrated City's Phase 3, spanning 475 acres, redefines luxury living. It features high-end villa plots, green spaces, and a multi-hangar heliport. The phase includes a sprawling 18-hole golf course, club spread across 100 acres, offering a lit driving range and training facilities.

An estimated date will be informed by the project owner to the potential homebuyer or investor regarding the completion of the ongoing project.

You'll find a comprehensive range of amenities meticulously planned for your convenience. There are educational institutions, both schools and colleges, nearby. There are healthcare centres with seamless connectivity that are ensured by a network of 100 ft, 60 ft, and 40 ft wide blacktop roads that effortlessly link these areas. The project has 24 theme parks, each offering a unique experience to residents. The splendid Club Epitomia is highlighted, a masterpiece equipped with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sports facilities, recreational spaces, a vibrant cafeteria, and a swimming pool. An array of commercial establishments add to the lively atmosphere, catering to various needs. In line with our dedication to providing a modern lifestyle, essential facilities like high-speed Internet, 24/7 electricity, an efficient drainage system, cutting-edge water treatment plants, advanced sewage treatment facilities, and innovative rain harvesting systems are seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure.

Hyderabad's real estate market is currently experiencing steady growth. It has become a popular destination for homebuyers and investors due to its thriving IT industry, affordable property prices, and improved infrastructure. The demand for residential and commercial properties remains strong, contributing to a positive market outlook.

Hyderabad's business-friendly policies, streamlined processes, and reduced regulatory burdens have attracted major companies, including tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. New businesses are offered tax exemptions, rebates, and holidays under the Telangana government, and special economic zones are designated for various sectors to enjoy additional benefits. Its pro-business climate contributes to the city's potential for real estate growth, making it an attractive location for investment.

Hyderabad's real estate market offers competitive rental yields and capital appreciation potential. Rental yields on residential properties average around 3-5% annually. The city's fast-growing population and economy contribute to rising housing demand, resulting in steady property value and rent increases over time. Historical data indicates an annual price appreciation of 5-10%. The combination of rental income and property value growth makes real estate investment in Hyderabad financially compelling.

Purchasing property in Hyderabad involves several legal steps. It's crucial to verify property ownership through title documents, obtain an Encumbrance Certificate from the sub-registrar's office, and ensure that the property has received necessary approvals from local authorities. A sale agreement and proper stamp duty payment are also essential. Consulting a legal expert and conducting due diligence is recommended before finalising any property transaction.

Hyderabad's flourishing infrastructure, including new expressways, metro lines, and a world-class international airport, enhances connectivity and accessibility. The metro system's expansion has connected suburbs to the downtown area, reducing commute times. The new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport serves domestic and international destinations, facilitating business and travel. These upgrades drive property value appreciation in neighbourhoods with improved transportation links, making it a suitable time for real estate investment.


Epitome Integrated City is the synonym for a sustainable future. In a city integrated with nature, technology, work and leisure living here would be a spellbound experience. Invest in us to breed the best of life in you.