Epitome Integrated City

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Epitome Integrated City Phase – I

Phase 1 of Epitome Integrated City is Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) LP No. 08/LO/PLG/HMDA/2021 Registered and RERA-certified (RERA Registration No. P02000003057). It is the largest development project approved by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) which speaks of the calibre of the City and its potential to provide its residents a quality of life never seen in the country.

Phase 1 of the Epitome Integrated City, spread over 368 acres, will consist of 3602 plots ranging from 199 Sq yards to 534 Sq yards. Connected to the Outer Ring Road, Phase 1 will have provisions for school, college, health centre, and commercial zones, all connected by 100 ft, 60 ft, and 40 ft wide blacktop roads. In addition, it will have a bus stand, separate jogging and cycling tracks for the health conscious and a wide footpath running around the city.

Villa Plots
Theme Parks
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sq.yds. Social Area
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Club Epitomia

Spread over 5.65 acres and with 50K sqft built-up area, Club Epitomia is envisaged as a world-class club which will delight the residents of Epitome Integrated City. With an aim to entertain the vibrant community, the energetic ambience of Club Epitomia will be replete with state-of-art indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities, cafeteria, swimming pool and other commercial establishments which will add to the high-living experience to the delight of the residents. It will play a stellar role in weaving Epitome Integrated City’s unique social fabric.

Epitome Infrastructure

Club House
24/7 Electricity
24 Theme Parks
School & College
Water Treatment Plant
Sports Complex
Sewage Treatment Plant
Drinage System
Rain Harvesting
Water Supply
Wide Roads

Phase - I Theme Parks

Another added attraction are the twenty-four theme parks which will adorn the Epitome Integrated City. Each Park, uniquely crafted and designed, is based on a unique theme which brings out a fresh dimension of the city. These Theme Parks will have a positive community impact and add to the ambience and cultural ethos of the city.

Garden of Four Seasons

A representation of adaptability with time and change. The garden changes its appeal in accordance to the environment. A collection of whimsical memories of a land that used to be and will be

Garden of Sacred Grove

A trip back to the tranquil ways of the past. A cultural homage to the bridge between the green and the unseen. An experience into the religious aspect of landscape design- with “Towering trees and the Winding vines

Orchard Garden

A productive garden of manicured trees and planting. A suburban experience amidst the urban extravagance.

Central Park

A centrally located community space for the residents to celebrate concord and unity. A common location for congress and conversation.

Garden of Memories

A stimulating venture into the past, and a play of visual memories and experiences. A garden that takes from the past and gives to the future

Maze Garden

An exhilarating and energizing amalgamation of serenity and activity. A walkthrough guided exclusively by memory and landscape recognition.

Garden of Ground Modulation

A natural and terrain respecting landscape creating a backdrop reminiscent of the hills and its opulence.

Garden of Fountain

A timeless display of the sublime character of water and its calming effects on the beholder. A garden of fountains stands as an international symbol of panache.

Butterfly Garden

A subtle and intrinsic experience that is both grounding and out of the world at the same time. A garden for all age groups to witness the lofty, and fleeting of the wonders that are butterflies

Sports Park

A space of exhilaration and excitement. A location for activity for all age groups, to convene and engage in physical activities of various kinds.

Nakshatra Garden

A religious and celestial interpretation of a green space creating an astral experience like no other.

Manicured Garden

A curated experience reminiscent of the Renaissance and antiquity, a historic international aesthetic at your doorstep

Garden of Time

A garden that shows the fleeting nature of time and its passage. A changing façade of time. An ode to the past, creating an awe for the future.

Garden of Fragrance

A space that triggers your olfactory senses, bringing back impressions of the past, and creating associative memories of your environment.

Garden of Lilies

The poetic wonder and beauty of lilies are in display in this garden. A garden that memorializes the ethereal beauty of these flowers

Garden of Sounds

A landscape space that celebrates the sounds of nature, with wind chimes, outdoor music installations, and other elements that encourage interplay

Garden of Sculptures

A celebration of art and installations that invoke thought and elucidation. Creating an appreciation, acceptance and conversation.

Garden of Science

An experience that births both curiosity and elation in all age groups. This garden encourages interaction between the space and the visitor. An enlightening and intellectual landscape space.

Garden of Colors

A celebration of the vibrancy and vitality in nature. A divergence from the mundane urban tones. A visual indulgence both confounding and pacific at the same time.

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