Benefits of Investing on Hyderabad-Vijayawada Highway Plots


Investing in open plots on Vijayawada highway is an attractive prospect as it harmoniously blends urban development with rural serenity. This exploration delves into why individuals seeking more than just financial returns might consider participating in the burgeoning economy of this region. We delve into the human aspect of this intriguing investment, spanning from connectivity to lifestyle.

What are the benefits of investing on Hyderabad- Vijayawada Highway?

Easy Commuting

The recent unveiling of the “Vande Bharat” train service between the bustling cities of Hyderabad and Vijayawada by the South Central Railway signifies a monumental leap forward in the prospects of investing in plots for sale in Vijayawada. This visionary initiative, graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, has inaugurated a service that now links not only Chennai and Mysore but also has ambitious plans to extend its reach from Secunderabad to Vijayawada and even further to the enchanting city of Visakhapatnam.

Imagine the possibilities this expansion brings! Travelers and commuters will experience a dramatic reduction in travel time, transforming a once 12-14-hour journey into a swift and comfortable 8-hour odyssey. This unparalleled ease of access is set to invigorate the real estate market along the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway, making it a genuinely attractive and investment-worthy proposition.

Promising Business and Industrial Prospects

Investors are presented with a golden opportunity along the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway, thanks to the significant developments in the region. The Regional Ring Road (RRR) project in Telangana, has recently received a substantial allocation of Rs. 5,500 crores for land acquisition, a move championed by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. Overseen by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), this ambitious 300-kilometer long, 60-meter wide road project is set to transform the landscape. As per Telangana’s Minister of Municipal Administration, KT Rama Rao, the RRR’s impact is expected to be akin to the community-wide benefits previously witnessed with the Outer Ring Road (ORR). Beyond just infrastructure, the RRR project will create ample employment opportunities for local youth. This development, structured into four distinct quadrants and interconnecting multiple towns and regions, holds the promise of driving economic growth and opening up new plots for investment in Hyderabad. These advancements in connectivity and infrastructure not only hold the potential for a thriving business environment but also present an enticing prospect for investors seeking to tap into the emerging economic opportunities in the region. Invest in our Open Plots in Hyderabad by Epitome Integrated City.

Expansion of Infrastructure

In addition to the other promising developments, there’s yet another compelling reason to consider investing in plots along the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway. The expansion of the Hyderabad-Vijayawada National Highway 65, extending all the way to Malkapur with an investment of Rs. 545 crores, is currently in progress, backed by the central government. This vital expansion project holds the key to not only reducing travel time but also elevating the region’s entire transportation system.

As this expansion takes shape, the benefits for both local residents and investors become increasingly evident. Reduced travel times will enhance daily commutes, making the region more accessible than ever before. Simultaneously, the upgraded infrastructure will boost the appeal of this corridor for businesses and industries, positioning it as a strategic hub for trade and commerce. It’s a transformation that promises to unlock the full potential of the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway plots, making them a compelling investment opportunity in the ever-expanding landscape of this region.

Government-Led Progress and Innovation

Minister KTR is spearheading a promising government initiative that holds immense potential for investors and the region’s development. The creation of industrial parks tailored for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) at Dandu Malkapur and Choutuppal signifies a visionary move towards fostering job generation and catalyzing regional economic growth. These industrial parks go beyond just industry, offering comprehensive amenities, housing, and healthcare facilities, effectively nurturing a “walk-to-work” environment for employees and executives.

In synergy with this forward-looking endeavor, the state government is actively bolstering both transportation and information technology (IT) infrastructure along the “Hyderabad-Vijayawada” route. This dual-pronged approach is poised to unlock a world of opportunities for the region’s youth, empowering them with new possibilities and career prospects. The combined efforts are set to create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that not only benefits local businesses and workers but also substantially enhances the investment allure of the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway plots. In essence, this government-led transformation solidifies the region’s status as a prime destination for investors looking to partake in a thriving and innovative ecosystem.

Green Community and Enhanced Employment

In the Hyderabad-Vijayawada region, the TIF-MSME Green Industrial Park in Dandumalkapur Village, a joint endeavor by TSIIC and TIF, stands as a pioneering project. Already hosting 10 operational units and with 90 more in the pipeline, the park’s ambitious goal is to accommodate over 450 MSME units, facilitating employment for around 35,000 individuals. This remarkable park prioritizes eco-friendly business practices and envisions a holistic development plan that includes a skill development center, a township, a hospital, and more. Telangana’s Minister of Municipal Administration, KTR, underscores the government’s unwavering dedication to creating ample job opportunities in the region, making it an ideal investment destination.

Positive Economic Outlook

The state of Telangana is actively fortifying its economic landscape with the introduction of two significant logistics parks. First, the Second HMDA Truck Dock Logistics Park, sprawling across 40 acres at Batasingaram, emerges as a testament to the state’s commitment to infrastructure development and accessibility. This public-private partnership initiative offers a versatile suite of services, encompassing cold storage, truck parking, warehousing, and dormitories, aligning seamlessly with the state’s vision of attracting businesses, while promoting streamlined logistics operations.

 Another noteworthy milestone is the inauguration of the HMDA Truck Dock Logistics Park, spanning 22 acres in Mangalapally, Telangana. This world-class logistics park, also realized through a public-private partnership, extends an array of amenities, including dormitories, medical facilities, warehousing, truck parking, and refrigerated storage. In perfect harmony with Minister KTR’s vision of establishing a logistics township that fosters a 24-hour operational ecosystem along the “Hyderabad-Vijayawada” route, these developments signal a thriving investment environment. Furthermore, state-driven initiatives like TS-iPASS have significantly streamlined business processes, enticing 14,000 industries and promoting well-organized logistical operations. This, in turn, benefits the local economy and workforce, making open plots in Hyderabad a strategic investment choice for those looking to ride the wave of positive economic growth.

Growing IT Spaces and Culture

Uppal and Nacharam areas in Hyderabad are poised for major IT developments, with the government planning to establish five new IT parks. This strategic move, revealed by Minister K T Rama Rao, aims to transform these industrial parks into IT hubs under the GRID strategy, creating job opportunities for nearly 30,000 people. This expansion aligns with Hyderabad’s decentralization of IT growth, ensuring its spread throughout the city. By 2025, the city is expected to see several new projects, including IT towers, skywalks, and industrial park relocations, which will enhance infrastructure and boost the state’s IT exports. Exciting times lie ahead for investing in open plots in Hyderabad.


In summary, open plots in Vijayawada – Hyderabad Highway represent a truly enticing investment prospect, offering the perfect blend of urban conveniences and serene rural living. Notably, key projects such as the Regional Ring Road, the transformative Vande Bharat train, and expanded road networks are propelling the region into a phase of rapid and promising development.

The establishment of industrial, IT, and logistics parks stands as a testament to the state’s unwavering commitment to shaping the “Next Gachibowli,” promoting economic expansion and abundant job opportunities. With these initiatives reinforcing existing government efforts, the future outlook for the “City of Nizams” appears incredibly optimistic. As these developments continue to unfold, open plots in Vijayawada become an intelligent choice for investors eager to partake in the region’s remarkable growth story.

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