Epitome Integrated City, a remarkable development that promises to redefine urban lifestyle in Telangana, the state known for its rich history and vibrant culture;

Epitome Integrated City embodies the perfect blend of sustainable living and opulent diversity, nestled amidst the beauty of nature. It aspires to elevate the quality of life through a comprehensive range of luxurious features, fulfilling the dreams of those who seek excellence. Positioned as an eco-friendly, self-sustaining residential suburb of Hyderabad, it encompasses modern amenities, featuring residential, retail, recreational, educational, and commercial zones that enhance the overall lifestyle. Located on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada Highway, this innovative city aims to redefine urban living by prioritizing eco-friendliness, community, and cutting-edge technology. In this blog post, we will delve into the key features of the Epitome Project Hyderabad, highlighting its potential to serve as a model for future urban development.

A Unique Integrated Lifestyle

Epitome Integrated City Hyderabad offers an exceptional integrated lifestyle within a meticulously planned integrated city, coupled with the serenity of nature, and featuring top-notch infrastructure that aligns with legal, ethical, and environmental standards. Elevating the everyday with extraordinary elements of luxury, comfort, and entertainment.

A Greener Community

Amidst the growing need for land to create a holistic green community, we are committed to nurturing your dream of living harmoniously within the embrace of nature, in a safe and secure environment. The mission is to provide sustainable housing options through our luxury villa plots in Hyderabad with world-class amenities to fulfill this vision.

Quality of Life

We strive to offer residents an unprecedented quality of life, featuring a plethora of cutting-edge amenities. Our goal is to create a peaceful and serene community that guarantees safety and tranquility, blending the best of both worlds. Striving to infuse the vibrancy of city living while allowing residents to savor the beauty of nature within lush green surroundings. With top-tier healthcare, educational institutions, a well-equipped clubhouse, and thriving commercial areas, life will thrive at its finest and most vibrant at Epitome -Integrated city – open plot at Hyderabad

Location Matters

Why fret about distance when you’re at the heart of it all? Epitome Integrated City Hyderabad has woven a life web where you reside at the nexus, with all your essential needs conveniently nearby. Epitome Integrated City is strategically located, positioned midway between Hyderabad and Vijayawada, where the Government’s LEAP (Look East Project) fuels real estate growth in the region, leading to rapid land value appreciation and development.

✔️ 15 mins drive to Ramoji Film City

✔️ 15 mins drive to Outer Ring Road

✔️ 20 mins drive to shopping and business centres

✔️ 30 mins drive to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Epitome Integrated City, spanning 368 acres (Phase 1) of luxury villa plots, encompasses 3,602 plots varying in size from 199 square yards to 534 square yards. It boasts connectivity to the Outer Ring Road, with featuring amenities such as schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, commercial areas, a bus stand, and dedicated jogging and cycling tracks, complemented by 100 ft, 60 ft, and 40 ft wide blacktop roads.

What Epitome Integrated City Holds?

Phase 1

  • Club Epitomia, spanning 5.6 acres, boasts a sprawling 50,000 sq ft clubhouse that encapsulates the essence of a lavish resort.
  • 24 theme parks that are meticulously designed to offer residents the opportunity to relish the serenity of life.
  • Water Fountain Island
  • Wide Roads of 40 ft, 60 ft, and 100 ft


Phase 2

  • International School and College
  • Ayurvedic Health Care Center
  • IT Park
  • Sports and Cricket Academy
  • Shopping Mall


Phase 3

  • 18 Holed Golf Course and Golf Club
  • A Multi Hangar Heliport




Epitome Integrated City transcends being merely a real estate project; it’s a vision for the future of urban living in Hyderabad. Nestled in a prime location and featuring world-class amenities, and a strong commitment to sustainability, it has the potential to establish new benchmarks for integrated urban development. As Hyderabad continues its transformation, Epitome Integrated City symbolizes the city’s progress and a promise of a superior, more interconnected, and sustainable lifestyle for its residents.

Epitome Integrated City serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when visionary city planning, sustainable design, and technological innovation converge. With a steadfast focus on eco-friendliness, community involvement, and economic prospects, this city offers a glimpse into a more sustainable and harmonious urban future. In a world grappling with the challenges of rapid urbanization and climate change, Epitome Integrated City Hyderabad stands as an inspirational model for future cities.

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